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Item Number:Ordinances and Resolutions:- IX.-A.
Committee Meeting Date:3/2/2020
City of Roeland Park
Action Item Summary

Submitted By: Keith Moody 
Committee/Department: Admin.
Title:Ordinance to Eliminate Discriminatory Language Included in Home Owner's Association Covenants
Item Type:Ordinance


To approve Ordinance 990 - An Ordinance Related To Nondiscrimination, Amending And Repealing Existing Chapter V, Article 12, Sections 5-1201; 5-1202; 5-1203; And 5-1204 Of The Code Of The City Of Roeland Park, Kansas And Adding Chapter V, Article 12, Section 5-1205.


Staff is seeking feedback on a proposed amendment to the NDO that addresses discriminatory language that exists in Home Owner Covenants.



Please find attached a memo from the City Attorney addressing the purpose of the attached sample ordinance amending the City's Non Discrimination Ordinance.  The proposed NDO changes make discriminatory practices expressed in local Home Owner Covenants illegal.  Also attached is a red-line of the current NDO reflecting changes.

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Ordinance 990Cover Memo
Memo from City Attorney Concerning Changes to NDOCover Memo
Example NDO Amending Ordinance- RedlineCover Memo