Item Coversheet
Item Number:Unfinished Business- V.-A.
Committee Meeting Date:5/4/2020
City of Roeland Park
Action Item Summary

Submitted By: Keith Moody 
Committee/Department: Admin
Title:Consider Request from Scenic Road to Amend Lease Terms
Item Type:Agreement


Staff recommends amending the Scenic Road lease. 


Attached is a letter from Scenic Road making a request to amend their lease.


Attached is a proposed lease amendment developed by staff and the City Attorney based upon the proposal presented by Scenic Road.  The amendment reflects a 9 month period of the reduced rent option being in place compared to the 16 month period proposed by Scenic Road.  Scenic Road is agreeable to the terms reflected in the amendment.


Attached is a copy of the current lease.

Financial Impact

Amount of Request:  Has potential for an $8,000 reduction in 2020 Revenues
Budgeted Item?  Budgeted Amount:  
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Additional Information

How does item relate to Strategic Plan?

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Letter from Scenic Road 4-24-20Cover Memo
Proposal from Scenic Road 4-28-20Cover Memo
Amendment to Scenic Road LeaseCover Memo
Scenic Road LeaseCover Memo