Item Coversheet
Item Number:Ordinances and Resolutions:- IX.-A.
Committee Meeting Date:12/21/2020
City of Roeland Park
Action Item Summary

Submitted By: Requested by Jan Faidley, Jen Hill and Michael Rebne 
Committee/Department: Admin.
Title:Ordinance 1005 - Protecting Public Safety and Community Resources Act
Item Type:Ordinance


Three council members requested a workshop discussion item on immigration policy.  Version 1 of attached Ordinance 1005 was reviewed at workshop and referred to a Council meeting for consideration. 


Attached is a Council Action Form requesting discussion of a draft policy addressing public safety and community resources related to immigration be added to a workshop agenda.  The action item provides background on the topic.


Attached is Ordinance 1005- Version 1 which is consistent with the draft language reviewed by Council at workshop and referred to a Council meeting for consideration.


Also attached is a Version 2- Red-line of Ordinance 1005 reflecting suggested changes from the SWRP group.  These changes have been reviewed and are agreeable to the City Attorney and Chief of Police.

Financial Impact

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Additional Information

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Ordinance 1005 - Version1- Protecting Public Safety and Community Resources Cover Memo
Ordinance 1005- Version 2- Redline- Protecting Public Safety & Community ResourcesCover Memo
Action From - Protecting Public SafetyCover Memo
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SWRP Petitioners and Letters of SupportCover Memo
Flowchart of Various Cities and Counties Studied by Jan FaidleyCover Memo
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