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Committee Meeting Date:6/6/2022
City of Roeland Park
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Submitted By: Keith Moody 
Committee/Department: Admin.
Title:Review and Discuss Process for Filling Vacant Governing Body Seats - 10 min
Item Type:Other


To give staff direction on if changes to the current process for filling Governing Body vacancies are desired. 



Currently, City Code specifies that any vacancy on Council (including the Mayor) be filled by a special election. The specific code language is attached. Various steps are required to hold a special election; the specifics are outlined in the attached letter from the County Election office and the timeline prepared by the City Attorney.


For context, the most recent special election held by the City to fill a vacancy was in 2019 to fill the Ward 1 vacancy. The results and turnout of that election are attached. The election cost the City $6,500 and there were 96 votes cast, 7.47% of all registered voters.


For reference, 17 out of the 19 Johnson County communities fill both council and mayoral vacancies through an appointment process. A summary of all municipalities is attached. There are also a few ordinances outlining various appointment processes in other cities included for reference. Please note that this is not an endorsement of a specific process, but simply an illustration of different routes an appointment process could follow. 


If Council wishes to change the current process, it would require a charter ordinance amending the City Code. This requires a super majority of all the elected officials to pass (6 of 9).

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Additional Information

17 out of the 19 Johnson County communities fill Mayor vacancies through an appointment process.


18 out of the 19 Johnson County communities fill Council vacancies through an appointment process

Special Election Policy Review by City AttorneyCover Memo
Letter from County Election OfficeCover Memo
Johnson County Municipalities Vacancy Process ComparisonCover Memo
City Code regarding vacanciesCover Memo
2019 Special Election ResultsCover Memo
Prairie Village vacancy processCover Memo
Mission vacancy processCover Memo