Roland Park City Hall
Monday, June 6, 2022  6:00 PM
  • Mike Kelly, Mayor 
  • Trisha Brauer, Council Member 
  • Benjamin Dickens, Council Member
  • Jan Faidley, Council Member 
  • Jennifer Hill, Council Member
  • Michael Poppa, Council Member
  • Tom Madigan, Council Member
  • Kate Raglow, Council Member 
  • Michael Rebne, Council Member 
  • Keith Moody, City Administrator 
  • Erin Winn, Asst. Admin. 
  • Kelley Nielsen, City Clerk 
  • John Morris, Police Chief 
  • Donnie Scharff, Public Works Director 












Public Works



A.May 16, 2022
1.Line-Item Budget Presentation – All Funds Including Preliminarily Approved Objectives and CIP- 45 min
2.Discuss Mill Rate for 2023 - 10 min
3.Review and Discuss Process for Filling Vacant Governing Body Seats - 10 min
Welcome to this meeting of the Committee of the Whole of Roeland Park.
Below are the Procedural Rules of the Committee

The governing body encourages citizen participation in local governance processes. To that end, and in compliance with the Kansas Open meetings Act (KSA 45-215), you are invited to participate in this meeting. The following rules have been established to facilitate the transaction of business during the meeting. Please take a moment to review these rules before the meeting begins.

A.Audience Decorum. Members of the audience shall not engage in disorderly or boisterous conduct, including but not limited to; the utterance of loud, obnoxious, threatening, or abusive language; clapping; cheering; whistling; stomping; or any other acts that disrupt, impede, or otherwise render the orderly conduct of the Committee of the Whole meeting unfeasible. Any member(s) of the audience engaging in such conduct shall, at the discretion of the City Council President (Chair) or a majority of the Council Members, be declared out of order and shall be subject to reprimand and/or removal from that meeting. Please turn all cellular telephones and other noise-making devices off or to "silent mode" before the meeting begins.

B.Public Comment Request to Speak Form. The request form's purpose is to have a record for the City Clerk. Members of the public may address the Committee of the Whole during Public Comments and/or before consideration of any agenda item; however, no person shall address the Committee of the Whole without first being recognized by the Chair or Committee Chair. Any person wishing to speak at the beginning of an agenda topic, shall first complete a Request to Speak form and submit this form to the City Clerk before discussion begins on that topic.
C.Purpose. The purpose of addressing the Committee of the Whole is to communicate formally with the governing body with a question or comment regarding matters that are on the Committee's agenda.

D.Speaker Decorum. Each person addressing the Committee of the Whole, shall do so in an orderly, respectful, dignified manner and shall not engage in conduct or language that disturbs, or otherwise impedes the orderly conduct of the committee meeting. Any person, who so disrupts the meeting shall, at the discretion of the City Council President (Chair) or a majority of the Council Members, be declared out of order and shall be subject to reprimand and/or be subject to removal from that meeting. 

E.Time Limit. In the interest of fairness to other persons wishing to speak and to other individuals or groups having business before the Committee of the Whole, each speaker shall limit comments to two minutes per agenda item. If a large number of people wish to speak, this time may be shortened by the Chair so that the number of persons wishing to speak may be accommodated within the time available. 
F.Speak Only Once Per Agenda Item. Second opportunities for the public to speak on the same issue will not be permitted unless mandated by state or local law. No speaker will be allowed to yield part or all of his/her time to another, and no speaker will be credited with time requested but not used by another.
G.Addressing the Committee of the Whole. Comment and testimony are to be directed to the Chair. Dialogue between and inquiries from citizens and individual Committee Members, members of staff, or the seated audience is not permitted. Only one speaker shall have the floor at one time. Before addressing Committee speakers shall state their full name, address and/or resident/non-resident group affiliation, if any, before delivering any remarks.
H.Agendas and minutes can be accessed at or by contacting the City Clerk

The governing body welcomes your participation and appreciates your cooperation. If you would like additional information about the Committee of the Whole or its proceedings, please contact the City Clerk at (913) 722.2600.